Various Applications Of Cricut Heat Transfer Vinyl

Cricut now becomes a new toy for DIY hobbyist.  Either for home or commercial use, cricut has captured the heart of many hobbyists and entrepreneurs as it brings the amazing features to everyone using it. 


Cricut is a machine that amazingly prints and cuts materials that is pre-designed in computers.  The cut is perfect, where every edge and curves are being cut in clean and perfect manner.  Maybe at this moment, you are wondering how this amazing machine does it.

Here’s what:  Let’s take an example on the shirt printing.  The traditional printing of shorts involves screen and paints which may sometimes messy.  There are times when the shirts and other fabrics are messed with different colours, making the output untidy. Learn about vinyl on craftvinyl reviews.

But with Cricut Heat Transfer Vinyl, you’ll surely be fascinated on how it prints perfectly the colours, fonts, images, overall design.  How it works? Very simple! One can choose images in the library of the software.  You can actually edit all the images, texts, and designs on the said software.  Once done with layouting and editing, the image is sent to the Cricut machine.  You can actually use different types of printing materials but the vinyl is mostly used.  So, set your printer into “Vinyl” type of material, and the printer will deliver you a perfect image printout pre-designed in the software.

Peel out the vinyl, leaving the desired design alone.  Then, a cricut heat transfer vinyl machine, another machine that is used for heat press will be used.  Once done with heat press, you’ll notice that the image is transferred perfectly to the fabric, giving you the best output of shirt printing.

You can actually do this to other fabrics too! Cricut heat transfer vinyl can be used to transfer your printout to your customized bags, pillows and pillowcases, handkerchiefs, towels and other customized products.