Athanasee Zafirov And His Passion For Pixel Art

Pixel arts became a foundation of digital game until today. It started from a small complicated graphics which needs someone to sit down and focus on the design. The program was able to have a comeback even with a video game exist in the modern technology and very popular nowadays.

Some people are not familiar with Pixel arts, especially those people who are not into digital games or digital arts. For those who are not acquainted with the word, pixel arts are image resulted from the formation of one small dot to another. It is more like a drawing or a painting but the difference is that you are going to build it in the computer. You will see one and only design in pixel arts and that is in a small square or dot. The old pixel art has limited graphic colors which only enable them to create limited structure. You also may find your ideal information about darkroom on

It is very common in pixel art to form great walls. The images formed from Pixels had similar pattern just like that one with embroidery. But regardless of its similarity in the concept, pixel rise to fame even if there are limitations in the technical aspect due to its memory incapacity. The person has to be creative in some ways in order to meet the boundary. He has to think more on what to do with the image in order for it to get fit. But now, due to the improvement of the software quality, the pixel art can now expand and been a hit since then.

Athanassee Zafirov expresses his intention and dedication through pixel arts. This physical artwork inspires other people to create more even though it did not go beyond the virtual. The uniqueness of pixel images and its creativity will always remain nostalgic through centuries, as it will always remind our past and happy moments.